Garden Trends For 2022

Garden Trends For 2022

Birdbaths are making a comeback in outdoor living spaces. They attract wildlife that can feed on your plants and flowers. To make your birdbaths appealing, keep them filled with fresh water. Modern water features are popular garden trends for 2022. Not only are they outstanding ornamental features, but they also minimize irrigation costs. In fact, clever water features can double as irrigation. Read on for more information on these innovative water features.

Growing your own food

Increasing numbers of people are starting to grow their own food, and the current trend is only set to grow stronger. Growing your own food is not a new idea, but it’s certainly getting more attention than ever. The growing popularity of veganism and an appreciation for organic foods will all play a part in the growing movement. This means that any outdoor plot can provide a household with fresh produce all year round.

The Flower Council recently released a report highlighting the top gardening trends of 2022. The report confirmed the importance of sustainable living, naturalistic planting, and bio-based materials. If you’re ready to try something new, consider following these gardening trends:

Creating outdoor living spaces

Today, many people prefer to spend time outdoors, whether on the patio, deck, or back yard. Many people find that fresh air boosts productivity. There are many options for creating an outdoor work area, from a simple desk to a flower-filled lattice. Outdoor work spaces can be both affordable and luxurious, depending on the homeowner’s budget and the desired effect. You can also use an outdoor work area to relax and work.

In addition to creating additional living space, outdoor living areas also serve as an outdoor escape. People find that spending time outdoors is good for their health and well-being, and the desire to extend our living spaces is growing daily. The latest trends in outdoor living are aimed at making this space as inviting as possible. Here are some of the most popular trends for outdoor living in 2022. You can apply these trends to your own garden space and enjoy a new outdoor oasis!

Creating a ‘curated wildling’

The Society of Garden Designers predicts that sustainability will be a key trend in 2022, and Ann-Marie Powell, a garden designer, believes that ‘nature-scaping’ and ‘curated wildling’ will be the most popular buzzwords. She has noticed that a rising number of people are looking to create natural gardens and says this will continue to grow in popularity. Rewilding aims to restore nature in its native habitat, until it can take care of itself. Trees for Life spokesperson Richard Bunting says this trend aims to restore missing native species and restore natural processes.

In addition to ‘curated wildling’ gardens, bold and bright colours are also likely to be popular in 2022. Plants such as crocosmia, canna, and echinacea will be a popular choice in this trend. This trend will be reflected in new releases, and plant experts are predicting that chrysanthemum, camellia, and salvia will all be in high demand.

Creating a balcony garden

Urban gardening isn’t just for people in rural areas with plenty of space. Balcony gardens are a growing trend, and you don’t need a large amount of space to grow vegetables, flowers, and honeybees. You can even create a custom-designed planter for a balcony garden. Balcony gardens are a perfect way to get the most bang for your buck, without spending much time and money.

One of the hottest trends for 2019 is creating a balcony garden. Balconies have a lot of potential and are the perfect place to grow fresh vegetables and herbs. Many plants are suited for this space, including cacti and ferns. Balconies can also serve as a beautiful spot to enjoy a glass of wine. Balconies are also great for secluded getaways.

Creating a green roof

Creating a green roof on top of your building is a great way to boost the health of your employees and the surrounding environment. Studies have shown that a green roof can help a building retain up to 80% of summer rainfall, and up to 40% in winter. Its ability to delay runoff and filter runoff water helps prevent local flooding and lower pressure on the city’s sewer system. Another benefit is that it can help reduce the effects of urban heat island. Unlike natural vegetation, concrete surfaces in urban areas are impermeable, allowing a lot of heat to be absorbed.

Creating a green roof requires special roofing materials and additional roof design elements. It also can make a roof more inviting and eco-friendly. A green building with a roof garden is an excellent way to beautify the outside design of a home and create private outdoor living spaces. This trend is quickly gaining popularity in the green industry and is becoming a staple of modern architecture. However, it is not for everyone.

Creating a’rewilding’

The up and coming garden trend for 2022 is rewilding, or re-introducing the natural world into the home. Rewilding is all about letting nature take its course in the garden, with less landscaping, weeding, and pruning. More people are turning away from manicured flowerbeds in favor of more natural-looking outdoor spaces. Rewilding also has many benefits for wildlife, like ensuring a safer home for countless species of animals and birds.

The popularity of pollinators and birds has caused an increase in gardeners’ interest in supporting local wildlife. Creating spaces for pollinators and birds in the garden is becoming a popular trend, and the new plant releases reflect this desire. Sproutl, an online marketplace dedicated to garden design, is a good source of ideas. The site curates products based on current gardening trends and consumer preferences.